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Pastor Scott and Sister Bane

From 1994 to 1996, Pastor Scott Bane served as an Evangelist, doing weekend services and revivals. He also worked with his father, Rev. Richard Bane, in the church he was pastoring.

From 1996 to 1998 he served as an Associate Pastor for The Mission Church of God in Jackson, Tennessee. Brother C. E. Taylor was the Pastor but his physical conditions required Pastor Scott to do most of the preaching. Brother C. E. Taylor went to heaven. Pastor Scott did not have his credentials at that time, so he went back into evangelistic work.

In his sixth-year of ministry, he was credentialed in the Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee. In 1999, he pastored the Henderson Church of God; he was there for 8 years.

Pastor Scott and Sister Ann Bane have been in the ministry since 1994. They are an awesome team and bring a lot of love and experience to Smyrna Church of God. After Pastoring nearly 8 years in west Tennessee, God spoke and they found themselves back home in the middle Tennessee area. After assuming the role of Senior Pastors at Smyrna Church of God, Pastor Bane quickly began to fast, pray and reach out to the Smyrna community. As the Church grew, many who were unsaved found themselves at the altar and starting a new life.

Smyrna Church of God, under the leadership of the Bane’s, has a new vision: To reach past religious traditions, into the heart of the community, to bring souls to the cross and to lead God’s children into their destiny.

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